这本Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python [平装]图书,是2012-10-30月由McGraw-Hill Education所出版的,著作者信息: Simon Monk 著,本版是第1次印刷, ISBN:9780071807838,品牌:其他品牌, 这本书的包装是未知平装,所用纸张为未知,全书页数192,字数有万字, 是本值得推荐的Python软件开发图书。


Program your own Raspberry Pi projects.

Create innovative programs and fun games on your tiny yet powerful Raspberry Pi. In this book, electronics guru Simon Monk explains the basics of Raspberry Pi application development, while providing hands-on examples and ready-to-use scripts. See how to set up hardware and software, write and debug applications, create user-friendly interfaces, and control external electronics. Do-it-yourself projects include a hangman game, an LED clock, and a software-controlled roving robot.

* Boot up and configure your Raspberry Pi
* Navigate files, folders, and menus
* Create Python programs using the IDLE editor
* Work with strings, lists, and functions
* Use and write your own libraries, modules, and classes
* Add Web features to your programs
* Develop interactive games with Pygame
* Interface with devices through the GPIO port
* Build a Raspberry Pi Robot and LED Clock
* Build professional-quality GUIs using Tkinter


Dr. Simon Monk has a degree in Cybernetics and Computer Science and a PhD in Software Engineering. He spent several years as an academic before he returned to industry, co-founding the mobile software company Momote Ltd. Dr. Monk has been an active electronics hobbyist since his early teens and is a full-time writer on hobby electronics and open source hardware. He is the author of numerous electronics books, including 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius and Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius, as well as co-author of Practical Electronics for Inventors, Third Edition.



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